Mini-grafting of larvae 24 hours old - get your grubs from a friendly Buckfast beekeeper!

IBBA  The Irish Buckfast Beekeepers’ Association  is affiliated to the Federation of European Buckfast Beekeepers’ Associations (GdeB)

The Federation of European Buckfast Beekeepers’ Associations


The Gemeinschaft der europaeischen Buckfastimker e.V. (European Buckfast Beekeepers Federation) has been founded 1976 in Kassel, Germany, by Guenter Ries, who died in 1994. At this point breeding or keeping Buckfast bees was not well acknowledged by both scientists and beekeeping federations and only a few beekeepers admitted openly to keeping them.
The currently shown relative acceptance (at least noticeable on the European continent) we owe first of all to the courage and commitment of the early pioneers, above all of Franz Fehrenbach and the founding members of the Kassel Association.
Today the European Buckfast Beekeepers Federation is a breeding group in the first place and encourages its members to engage in their own breeding activity, be it so-called basic breeding, line breeding, or the true method of breeding Buckfast bees, the combination breeding.
The continual improvement in breeding the Buckfast bee is our main objective. It will be achieved by exchanging experience and knowledge on a broad basis since the honeybee herself does not respect any ideological or geographical restriction.
There are 15 federal and national Associations affiliated to the European Buckfast Beekeepers Federation. The European Buckfast Beekeepers Federation is therefore the largest network of bee breeders and bee breeding  groups in Europe.

  • We provide scientific and professional advice considering all aspects of Buckfast beekeeping
  • We act as an agent between beekeepers, associations, administrations and other institutions
  • We represent the interest of our members at federal and continental level
  • We support the networking of Buckfast beekeepers across Europe
  • We act as an agent for insurance options suitable for beekeeping
  • We support the international understanding across Europe
  • We provide and act as an agent for beeping equipment
  • We support the beekeeping programs of our members
  • We organise study trips in the range of beekeeping
  • We offer legal advice concerning beekeeping
  • We provide members’ forum four times per annum: ‘Der Buckfastimker’